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We Sweat the DETAILS

Most energy projects focus on low-hanging fruit – energy conservation measures that are the easiest to install, reap the most savings and put the most profit in the energy service company’s pocket. Unfortunately, the owner is often left wondering why their buildings are so uncomfortable, why occupant complaints are up, why their maintenance costs have increased, why they aren’t realizing the promised energy reductions, and why they are unable to implement future energy conservation measures. It is because all the easy energy savings have been stripped out of their buildings.

At CCG Energy Solutions, we do sweat the details. We spend time developing a comprehensive project that extends beyond the low-hanging fruit and blossoms into a project that focuses on energy reduction, comfort, and total cost of ownership. Developing the details takes dedicated employees, a significant time commitment, and a passion to be the best. Don’t get us wrong, some customers may want a project that focuses on low hanging fruit – there are many that are successful – but the majority of our customers want to maximize the potential of the wasted energy in their buildings. The best way to see if an energy service company is focused on the right objectives is to study their past performance.  We are not afraid to show our performance record.


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