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Retrofit New Construction Total Care Program

Welcome to CCG Automation

CCG Automation, Inc. is a solution-based building automation provider focused on high quality, comfortable buildings with low energy consumption and easy to use systems.  CCG’s approach to focusing on the total cost of ownership over the life of the building rather than first cost allows customers to afford their utility bills from the completion of the project throughout the life of the building.

An all too common scenario that CCG encounters are the brand new buildings that have higher than normal utility bills because the budget to build the building only allowed for the lowest price rather than looking at the contractor with the lowest total cost of  ownership over the life of the building. Sadly, this largely neglected and foreign notion in the construction of new buildings today results in unhappy building owners unable to afford their utility bills.  If you cannot afford your utility bills, are looking to build a new building, or simply looking to replace your building automation system…don’t look any further, CCG Automation is your solution.


Akron Children's Hospital
Kay Jeweler's Pavilion

Make your building perform for you.

Project Highlights

  • After one year of occupancy the consumption is 38% less than the National Median.
  • With one of the biggest patient complaints in a typical hospital being comfort, our rooms are controlled to an average of 1/10 of one degree (Fahrenheit) of setpoint.
  • Akron Children’s Hospital Kay Jewelers Pavilion has an ENERGY STAR rating of  88 and has achieved an excellent balance of comfort and energy savings.
  • Controls were built using the Integrated Project Delivery method.

"Work was completed on time and with more help than we had ever experienced before from a building controls contractor."  - Cliff Greive Director of Construction Akron Children’s Hospital

At 5% profit, each $1 saved in energy equates to an additional $20 in revenue this represents $11 million in annual revenue."

Based on Annual Projected Savings over the National Median


Certified Building Commissioning Firm Announcement

Happy Anniversary to Akron Children's Hospital Kay Jewelers Pavilion

Green Local Schools - Green High School Receives Energy Star Certification
Green Local Schools receives EPA Energy Star Certification on their High School.

Green Local Schools Upgrades Produce Large Energy Savings
First year reconciliation report reveals large energy savings for Green Local Schools.

Lake Local Schools Energy Project Recognized at the State House
The Lake Local Schools energy project that received the Association of Energy Engineers Region III 2015 Energy Project of the Year Award was recently recognized by the State House of Representatives.

CCG Automation receives Business of the Year Award from the Richfield Chamber of Commerce
CCG Automation is the proud recipient of the annual Richfield Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award. An award that was created by the Chamber of Commerce to recognize companies that provide both civic and economic contributions to the community.

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