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Welcome to Brian's Building Blog

Friday, April 28, 2017 by Brian C. Wagner

On March 17, CCG celebrated our 20th year in business. I am very proud of the team we have built and our involvement in industry-changing, award-winning projects. Thirty-seven years ago I graduated with a degree in Environmental Technology with a fire inside of me to make an impact in our industry and on the people who benefit from HVAC technology – which is almost everyone on the planet. And, with the knowledge I have gained over the past thirty-seven years, the fire is hotter than ever.  

I also realized there is no better time than now to begin a blog to share some of my experiences. Developing and implementing award winning energy savings solutions is only part of what we do. My passion and our corporate culture believes that transforming our industry begins with education. This blog is our platform to share what we’ve learned. While I know that a blog on our industry sounds boring and dry, I’ll bring in stories and share my experiences to liven it up - and there are certainly some hard to believe things I’ve seen over the years! I hope to see you back here in the future.

Company News

CCG Automation Celebrates Fifteen Years as an Automated Logic Corporation Dealer
CCG Automation was recently honored with the 15 Award by Automated Logic Corporation.

CCG Automation will be Presenting Another Informative Seminar
Enhance Your Design/Construction Team: Add Design Assist for Guaranteed Building Performance

CCG Automation, in partnership with Mays Consulting Presented a Seminar on Building Envelope: The Hidden Truth
CCG Automation, in partnership with Mays Consulting of Columbus, had a very successful seminar on the importance of proper thermal scanning of building envelopes.

Mechanical Upgrades at St. John Bosco Church

CCG Automation Completes Campus Wide Metering Project at Akron Childrens Hospital

CCG Automation Completes Lighting Upgrades at James A. Garfield Local Schools

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Company Blog

A Tale of Two Schools

There Is No Such Thing as Plug-and-Play

Something is not right. It is too hot. Too cold. Too expensive to operate. Upgrading or repairing your building system can be daunting.

Did you see the Charles Schwab commercial?

This reminds me of our industry...

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