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Some Performance is a Luxury

Thursday, May 31, 2018 by Brian C. Wagner

This weekend a friend brought over his new Porsche 911 Turbo S and allowed me to take it for a drive.  With 580 HP it goes from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds.  What a ride!  He set it in Launch Mode and that it did – the four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering in the car had absolutely no tire slippage as we quickly reached high speeds – this Porsche maxes out at 205 mph.  It was by far the fastest and most advanced vehicle I had ever driven.

That evening, as I thought back on the Porsche, I kept comparing the vehicle to CCG Automation.  My Toyota Highlander gets me from place-to-place as needed, has four-wheel drive and is comfortable.  It may not be as cool or as fun as the Porsche, but it is exactly the level of performance that I need.  And that’s both the question and the difference. 

The question to ask about your building is, “how much performance is needed?”  It’s also the difference between the comparison.  Unless you are a competitive racer on a closed course, no one needs to go from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds or get anywhere near 205 mph.  However, your building not only needs, but requires this similar level of highly tuned, top-end performance.

CCG Automation provides unparalleled building performance at the level of a Porsche (though we don’t guarantee you will look as cool in your building as in that car, but you will be comfortable).  Unfortunately, most people don’t believe that paying extra for building automation is money well spent, and they are willing to settle for good enough.  This is evident when you are in a doctors’ office, or hospital waiting room, classroom, or most every room in most every building – and feel how uncomfortable the spaces are.  Too hot.  Too cold.  Too drafty. Too expensive to maintain.  Occupants are always fiddling with the temperature controls. Those are all indicators that your building is not meeting the high-performance standards that you should expect.

The other big difference between buying a high-performance car vs. installing a high-performance Building Automation System is that the car will begin to lose value from day 1. The building on the other hand will begin saving money on day 1 and in many cases, the investment will have been paid off in less than a year. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize this, yet we can help show you how this works with examples from our clients from over 21 years of experience.

CCG is to Building Performance to what Porsche is to Automobile Performance.  Only a race car driver needs those high-levels of performance from their car, however, almost every building owner and occupant needs it from their building.  Not only will the buildings be more comfortable but the occupants will be more productive. 

You may not need to own a high-performance car, though you may deserve one for your hard work.  But there is a good chance that you do need and will appreciate the investment in a high-performance Building Automation System from CCG to realize the comfort and cost savings you deserve – especially when you get us in early, where we can then save you significant first cost on the system design to offset the investment.

Performance in a vehicle is a luxury for most of us.  But Performance in a building is a necessity.

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